In the Maker Shed: Hitachi HM55B compass module

In the Maker Shed: Hitachi HM55B compass module

The Hitachi HM55B compass module from the Maker Shed is a dual-axis magnetic field sensor based on the Hitachi HM55B IC. It’s a great little module for sensing direction on your next robotics project. You can use this sensor with most micro controllers, including the Arduino.

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4 thoughts on “In the Maker Shed: Hitachi HM55B compass module

  1. Sean says:

    Am I thinking of this correctly?

    With 6-bit accuracy that gives you 64 directions within a 360 degree circle. That means there’s a variance of as much as about 5.5 degrees from the reading. So if I use this to provide direction for a robot, if it’s sets course from a point and travels 100 yards it could be off by as much as 10 yards from it’s intended target.

    Does anyone know of any small 8 bit or higher resolution compass ICs?

    1. Marc de Vinck says:


      Yes, it is 6-bit (64 directions). Unfortunately, I don’t know of a higher resolution compass that isn’t cost prohibitive. This is a really low cost, and simple to use, compass module that is great for a ton of different projects. However, I wouldn’t use it for critical navigation.

    2. Eddie says:

      The raw sensor data is 11 bits in X and Y so with careful calibration yourself you might get better than 6 bits of useful output.

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