In the Maker Shed: PIR sensor module

In the Maker Shed: PIR sensor module

The PIR Sensor in the Maker Shed can detect motion from up to 20 feet away by using a Fresnel lens and an infrared-sensitive element. It’s inexpensive and really easy to use. It’s ideal for alarm systems, motion-activated lighting, holiday props, and robotics. Check out the link for more details.


  • Simple 3-pin connection
  • Single bit output
  • Small size – easy to conceal ( 0.96 x 1.0 x 1.27 in.)
  • Arduino Compatible

More about the PIR sensor module

2 thoughts on “In the Maker Shed: PIR sensor module

  1. Garrett says:

    Haha, yet another part from Seeedstudio in Maker Shed. Anyway, I’ve used about six of these modules and can verify they work great!

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