Ithacka’s box of junk challenge

Ithacka’s box of junk challenge

Have you ever been tempted by one of those grab bags of random ‘tronics components that hobby stores offer? Ithaca, NY hackerspace Ithacka has suggested a challenge where you get one of those bags and turn it into a project!

The challenge calls for buying a $10 BOJ from American Science and Surplus and doing something cool with it. See the rules for more information.

[Box of junk image by Grant Hutchinson]

Editor’s Update: Oh NO they di-int!

The folks at Ithacka tweeted:

@make While we’re at it, we challenge the Makezine staff! #ithackaBOJ

Consider your challenge accepted, “Ithacka” (if that’s what you insist on calling yourself). All your box (o’ junk) are belong to us! — Gareth

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