Johnny Chung Lee’s Wiimote hacks


Johnny Chung Lee, who you may recall from $14 steadicam fame (read about it in Make:01), is also a very proficient Wiimote hacker.

His latest, demonstrated in the video above, is a prototype VR system that uses the Wiimote and a head-mounted IR LED as a head tracking device. The software transforms a standard monitor into a 3 dimensional portal. As you move your head, the objects on the screen are positioned appropriately for your new perspective. Think about adjusting your position to see what’s around the side of the screen! The effect is like looking through a window, and it gives an more impressive 3D effect that you’d get with the goofy colored glasses.

Lee has a project page for his Wii creations, which also includes a finger tracking, Minority Report-style device and an interactive whiteboard hack. He’s generously provided source for all of these hacks. Return the favor by building something cool.

Johnny Chung Lee’s Wii Hacks – Link
Procrastineering Blog – Link

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