LED Artist Kits Now Available In The Maker Shed!

LED Artist Kits Now Available In The Maker Shed!

Akimitsu Sadoi calls himself The LED Artist, and is based out of Brooklyn, New York. As his name implies, he makes fantastic LED oriented kits. Two of his kits, the USB Blinky and Color Night Joule Thief, are now available in the Maker Shed. Both of these kits are perfect for learning how to solder, affordable, and fun.

The USB Blinky Kit only has ten components and can be plugged directly into any available USB port for power. It will flash it’s two green LEDs as long as it’s plugged in, adding a fantastic glow to your desk or workspace. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of Holiday flare to your cubicle.

Composed of a few more components, the Night Joule Thief is also dead-simple to solder, and cleverly designed. It will suck all the remaining juice out of your “dead” batteries and automatically cycle through a multitude of colors when the lights go out. It has an on-board potentiometer to adjust its light sensitivity so you can dial in the perfect settings for your new, colorful nightlight.


Eric is a Mechanical Engineer with interests in machining, mass manufacturing, product design and kinetic art. While not building things, he enjoys skiing, cycling, and juggling.

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