Let's find those iPhone APIs

Let's find those iPhone APIs


Apple’s press release about the iPhone development model says:

Developers can create Web 2.0 applications which look and behave just like the applications built into iPhone, and which can seamlessly access iPhone’s services, including making a phone call, sending an email and displaying a location in Google Maps. Third-party applications created using Web 2.0 standards can extend iPhone’s capabilities without compromising its reliability or security.

Is it reasonable to assume that those capabilities are built into the iPhone right now? Will they be exposed as JavaScript objects? If so, maybe it’s just a matter of guessing the right object name.

I installed the EnumIt bookmarklet (added the bookmark to Safari on my Mac, and then synced it over to the iPhone), and tried some obvious names like apple and iphone, but no dice. The usual suspects (navigator, browser, etc.) do work with EnumIt, and the list of methods and attributes is interesting, but where are these extended iPhone capabilities? If you find something, let us know here, and tell the folks at iPhoneDevCamp; only a few days away!


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  • EnumIt – Link
  • iPhone 3rd-party app support – Link

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