Linear stepper motor controller kit


This looks interesting… a linear stepper motor controller kit, open source, for CNC machines…

  • Open Source! Circuit Diagram, PCB (Board) Layout, and PIC Software all available online. (Kit/PCB sales support Also: user code modifications.
  • Standard step + direction inputs easy connection to a parallel port for up to 7 units.
  • Use with standard CNC programs like TurboCNC or Mach 3.
  • Uses standard Unipolar (5 to 8 wire) stepper motors. Not for Bipolar (4 wire).
  • Complete tutorial and FAQ explains How the board works, how to assemble the kit and how to power it up! Runs from your regulated +5v supply.

Linear Stepper Motor Controller – Link.

4 thoughts on “Linear stepper motor controller kit

  1. atouk says:

    Having built several of these, I can vouch for the quality of the boards, and flawless operation.

    These would make an excellent project for the beginner kit maker to solder up as all parts are through-hole, and multiple parts types (resistors, diodes, capacitors, etc) are utilized. You are responsible for fabrication of your own heatsink/mount.

    The 555 timer kit for testing your boards (with an attached stepper motor), would be suggested also, but at least on mine, there was a very small area of adjustment where waveforms were proper for controller operation. Having an oscilloscope to monitor the waveforms would be a help.

  2. atouk says:

    One more quick note. The boards are designed rotary (unipolar only) motors, not linear as the title suggests.

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