Lord British Has a Sputnik


Like many people who grew up in the glory days of home computing, I spent a lot of my high school and college years playing the Ultima series of games. The series stood out in a lot of ways, but one of the most memorable things about it was that the creator of the series, Richard Garriott, projected himself into the game as “Lord British”, the wise (generally–I’m recalling that one time he got stuck in the underworld) and (always) benevolent ruler of Sosaria, and eventually, Britannia. When we heard news that Lord British was in possession of the backup Sputnik, some of us briefly entertained the idea of “borrowing” the Sputnik while in Austin for Maker Faire, but then we remembered that Lord British has a bunch of powerful guards (see the above video if you don’t believe me), and plus, WWtAD (What Would the Avatar Do)?

Texas Man Linked to Past and Future of Space Exploration by Sputnik and Soyuz – Link


  • Retro Gaming Hacks – Link
  • Maker Faire Austin – Link
  • Mac OS X version of Ultima III (pictured above, with the Apple ][ tileset) – Link
  • Ultima IV remake for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X – Link

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