The $5 Omega2 Board Surges Past Stretch Goal, Packs Punch for IoT Dev

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The  Omega2 Board Surges Past Stretch Goal, Packs Punch for IoT Dev
Onion’s $5 Linux IoT computer – Omega2 – smashed its Kickstarter campaign with $267,508 in funding, and two weeks left to go. While the computer is tiny, it’s also powerful, and can work with any language and nearly any platform, with Arduino plugins, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity.
Onion’s $5 Linux IoT computer – the Omega2 – smashed its Kickstarter campaign with $382,485 in funding so far, and 7 days left to go (as of August 16). While the computer is tiny, it’s also powerful, and can work with any language and nearly any platform, with Arduino plugins, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Onion’s new Omega2 Kickstarter campaign has already seen tremendous success, and still has time to go. Omega2, the $5 Linux Internet of Things (IoT) computer upgrade from Onion’s Omega, has already raised over $300,000, smashing its $15,000 goal. The single-board computer is highly flexible, as it is backwards compatible with Omega, has Arduino plugins, and features on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for total connectivity.

Onion developed the Omega single-board computer platform specifically for building connected hardware applications. After the tremendous success of Omega, Onion went back to the drawing board and created Omega2, which offers more RAM and storage than the original, at a fifth of the price. At $5, Onion is fulfilling its mission to make hardware development easy and affordable for everyone.


The Omega2 is tiny. It’s a fourth of the size of Raspberry Pi and a third of the size of Arduino Uno. At that size, it can accommodate most DIY hardware and even commercial products. With this, it also runs the full Linux operating system right out of the box. And, with on-board Wi-Fi, flash storage, Bluetooth, and Cellular functionality, it works almost immediately right out of the box.

Since the computer runs full Linux, it works similar to a desktop computer. It supports apps, and if you want to build your own, Onion creation the SDK app development platform just for you. Create your app and share it on the Onion App Store, or search the other fun modules members of the Onion community have already created.


One of the coolest features of the Omega2 is its ability to support any programming language. Whether you code in PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, or another language, Omega2 will support it, allowing you to get your idea off of the ground faster. It even supports the Apache open-source web server, if that blows your hair back.

Additional cool features include compatibility with the Onion Cloud. Omega2 syncs seamlessly with the platform, and allows you to view status updates and deploy software upgrades wirelessly, in real time. With this, Omega2 is expandable. It connects with additional Omega2 boards to form a mega board, and also plugs directly into the Arduino platform. And since it supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 2G/3G Cellular, Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS, you are always connected.


Onion is offering two version of the Omega2: the original and Omega2 Plus, with double the storage and memory. Omega2Plus also includes a built-in MicroSD slot. The Omega2 features a 580MHz CPU, 64MB of memory, and 16MB of storage. The Omega2 Plus has double the memory and storage (128MB of memory, and 32MB of storage). Also, Onion has a plethora of a-la-carte additions you can add to build a custom board, including expansion docks, power docks, expansion cables, Ethernet plugins, and third-party compatible boards, such as Hologram‘s cellular expansion pack.

Onion added a stretch goal (which has already been met) at $300,000 for a project eBook. This is essential. A dev board without application notes, examples, or a collection of readymade projects is near useless. The price, size, and support seems right. This is one to grab.

This just in...
This just in…

Omega2 was created for all things IoT. Grab yours at Kickstarter.

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