Miniblinken: Alternative phosphor paper display


Typ.o made this really unusual display out of an old scanner and some phosphor paper. Unfortunately the image created only last a short time. I salvages a similar piece of paper from an old Light Sketcher toy and now I know what I should have made with it!

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2 thoughts on “Miniblinken: Alternative phosphor paper display

  1. Aud1073cH says:

    That Phosphor paper through the link looks like a good price.

    We use “glow tape” in the theatre to mark walkways, hazards, etc. but it can be very expensive.

    I have found an old “photoflor” – Its just like the phosphor paper, but it is a couple layers of glass, with a black backing, -I’m guessing phosphor paint between the glass layers. Has its own protective case.

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