Minty soldering jig



Bob Hickman, Minty Amp maker, sent us a howto on making a jig for small form factor soldering projects.

I often have to solder up a bunch of PCBs that are the same size, but have a bunch of fiddly components on them.

To save time and frustration, I decided to re-purpose a used chewing gum tin to make a jig so I could solder multiple boards at once and keep my components from moving about.

His hack allows you to place all of the components and then solder them all at once, which is pretty handy even if you’re not soldering a bunch of boards at the same time. The trick is to cram a bunch of flame retardant foam inside and close the top cover, sandwiching the components onto the PCB. You can then move things around as you please and your hands are free to work the solder and iron.

Simple Soldering Jig

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