Now that’s a lotta perfboard …

Now that’s a lotta perfboard …

Wholelottastripboard Cc

Wandering the halls of Wikipedia, I came across this jaw-droppingly complex example of a perfboarding project (stripboard, to be precise).

The unit was built as a prototype Dolby SR noise reduction circuit and was photographed by Mr. Gregory Maxwell at the San Francisco Airport Museum‘s History of Audio exhibition. A few pics from the 2006 exhibit can be found over at Stereophile

6 thoughts on “Now that’s a lotta perfboard …

  1. Shadyman says:

    Oh, Dolby noise reduction? I thought it might have been that XKCD circuit that was up a few months ago…

    1. Collin Cunningham says:


  2. Paul Hoffman says:

    A friend of mine who is a bench tech at Dolby admits to having wired some parts of that board.

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