Open Source Hardware Certifications For September 2023

Open Source Hardware Certifications For September 2023

The Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) runs a free program that allows creators to certify that their hardware complies with the community definition of open source hardware.  Whenever you see the certification logo, you know that the certified hardware meets this standard.

Currently the Certification database lists over 2300 individual certifications! In September we added 124 new certifications, from data loggers to breakout boards and everything in between we were happy to have new and recurring names show up!  Here are three certifications we think you should check out today. 

Thunder Buddy UID CA000032

Photo via Mark Komus

If you’re a storm hunter this small circuit board is for you! Using an AS3935 chip it can detect lightning at distances up to 40km away. By default it supports SPI but can be configured for I2C as well. The board measures around 2cm a side with a small lightning shaped antenna area on top.

Black Lives Matter Education & Workshop Kit UID US002524

Photo via Adafruit

The Black Lives Matter Education & Workshop Kit is an open-source design the Adafruit team published during the peaceful demonstrations for social justice in the summer of 2020. The kit is a snapshot in time, a time capsule of what we did together, and what we can build together going forward. The kit can be used for learn-to-code events remotely or in person. The kits will never be for sale from Adafruit, they will be donated to learning-to-code organizations, social justice groups, and events.


Photo via Darren Thompson

Are you one of the many people who still use, modify and hack a Xbox original? Well then the XOSVP might be exactly what you need for higher quality video and audio. XOSVP is a high quality component video cable for the Original Xbox console. Fully built with parts readily available off the shelf, targeting ease of construction and access. Much better and cheaper than spending big bucks online for the cable Xbox made for this purpose years ago. 

You can keep up with updates on all the latest certifications by following our certification bot on mastodon or submit your project to be certified today at 

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