Open Source Hardware Certifications For March 2024

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Open Source Hardware Certifications For March 2024

The Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) runs a free program that allows creators to certify that their hardware complies with the community definition of open source hardware. Whenever you see the certification logo, you know that the certified hardware meets this standard.

Currently the certification database lists over 2,738 individual certifications! In March we added 38 new certifications from temperature-humidity sensors to low-power autonomous gliders to USB controlled on and off switches, and everything in between. Here are three new certifications from around the world that we think you should check out today.


UID UA000005

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If you’re very good at walking away while your device is on the ZigUSB may be just what you need. ZigUSB was developed as a device that allows you to control and monitor the power of a device connected via USB. Using this device, you can remotely control the power of the USB port to turn on or off the connected device. And also monitor the current voltage and current. And it’s not a bad Zigbee network router.

Bottle Collection and Pre-Cleaning System for Recycling

UID CH000021

Photo via Global Health Engineering

For those thinking about closed-loop recycling systems this project is a great approach! The project was to develop a prototype station to pre-clean the HDPE bottles and provide a sustainable solution for enhancing the recycling processes in low-resource settings. The prototype addresses the challenges of recycling contaminated HDPE bottles by introducing an efficient, scalable, and locally adaptable pre-cleaning system aiming to reduce the efforts and costs of subsequent recycling processes.

Dreamcast RPT

UID NL000018

Photo via Terin Stock

This one’s for the retro gamers out there that are still professing their love of the Dreamcast! The Dreamcast RPT is an adapter board to aid in using the Mean Well RPT-6003 as a universal power supply for the Dreamcast, so all you Ryo’s can keep fighting for revenge.

You can keep up with updates on all the latest certifications by following our certification bot on Mastodon or submit your project to be certified today

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