PCB etching agitator with the Make Controller

PCB etching agitator with the Make Controller

Liam sent me another cool project that uses the Make Controller. This time it’s a PCB etching agitator. This looks like a great way to make PCB etching a bit easier and safer. You could make this project with just a simple 555 circuit, but with the Make Controller you could add a lot more functionality in the future, like ventilation control and heating. Check out the link for more information and a video. Thanks Liam!

I’ve been etching numerous PCBs at work for various little projects, and one of the annoying parts of etching is the actual etch process. The copper clad board is immersed in Ferrocloric acid in order to etch away the exposed portions of the board. During the etch, the liquid should be agitated in order to achieve maximum saturation. I got tired of jiggling the tupperware around for 20 minutes, so I built an agitator!

More about PCB etching with the Make Controller

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