PIC digital clock project

PIC digital clock project

Punkky is a watch enthusiast from Japan. On his blog, PIC Microcontroller Note, he’s documenting the built of a 7-Segment PIC Digital Clock using the PIC16F628A MCU. It’s his first MCU project. After working the kinks out on breadboards, he etched and hand-routed a board (he’ll share the Eagle file with others if you ask).

Making a Digital Clock

4 thoughts on “PIC digital clock project

  1. ferdz says:

    It is stated that on the blog that you can share the eagle file if I as. can you share the eagle file pls..thank you. it will be cool for me to try your work. and work with an watch enthusiast.

  2. Tayo says:

    thanx for d exposition. i’m also walking on dat and using ccs. Wil contact u if hookd up.

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