PSP Homebrew Flash Player! (with photos!)


100 0522
They weren’t kidding! Here it is – a Flash / SWF render / player for the PSP, made for, and by, the PSP homebrew community! – “The current version supports most action script through version 7 and runs on 1.5 only. We are currently testing for 2.x PSPs and will announce when it is working on 2.x firmwares. If someone gets it working, be sure to let us know.”Link.

Pictured, here I tried it on my 1.5 PSP and it works.

Keep reading for more photos of what ran, for your old timers, I used the files from Flashenabled the book – and they worked…wild!I will try and upload all the SWFs that work soon (have to go to a Flash conference in the am, irony!)

100 0525
Choosing files.

100 0527
Folder of SWFs I put on there.

100 0526
My artwork / Sketchbook app works perfectly.

100 0528
Scientific Calculator – might need to recode this one to work, but it’s promising.

100 0529
Astronautwife – works!

100 0531
Chess – need to recode a bit, but this too is promising.

100 0532
Old school.

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