Python pizza status



Nothing goes better with some Python hacking than a little pizza. Nick Jensen couldn’t wait for his pizza to arrive to begin hacking, so he spent the 30 minute wait-time writing a Python script to track the pie’s progress:

I discovered an interesting XML feed the other day when I ordered a pizza from dominos. After seeing a dumb commercial about what some idiots do in their 30 minute pizza-waiting time, I remembered hearing something about being able to “track” your pizza online. So what did I do during my 30 minutes you ask? I went on over to dominos website to check out this amazing tracking device. It turns out to be just a flash app hooked up to an XML feed and Tamper Data revealed it was coming from here.

The details and the Dominos python script are below. Suffice it to say that you can pull an XML status on your Dominos order by hitting (where phonenumber is your 10 digits). You can easily parse this from other languages if you’re not the Python type.

You’ve got 30 minutes… to write a python script

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