Happy Pi Day from the Maker Shed!

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Happy Pi Day from the Maker Shed!

Happy 3.14(1592653589793238..) from the Maker Shed! In celebration of our favorite irrational number, we bundled a limited number of the latest Raspberry Pi Model B boards with the popular Getting Started with Raspberry Pi book and are making them available for one day only (or until we run out) for $54.99. Since the bundle only includes the Raspberry Pi itself and the print version of the book, you’ll still need a power supply, SD card, USB cable, and all the usual Pi stuff to get up and running but chances are you have them lying around somewhere anyway. It’s a great opportunity to get started with the Raspberry Pi or get an additional board if you already have one.

If we do happen to run out, we’ll have plenty of our Raspberry Pi Starter Kits which include almost everything you need to get up, running, and going through the examples in the included book.

4 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day from the Maker Shed!

  1. Spam Jam says:

    Wow – kind of shystie there Maker Shed. You make it sound like this is a sale or a bargain price without mentioning percentage saved or amount off. However, that’s because it’s not a bargain.

    While you currently do not list the RasPi as a standalone product my math is circumspect but; you are currently charging $11.99 for the book that means you’re charging $44 for the computer – before your exaggerated shipping costs.

  2. Lux Lee says:

    Nice take on hijacking the mathematical symbol for unrelated commercial interest. Shame on you!

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