Pi Overload: New Raspberry Pi Products in the Maker Shed

Raspberry Pi
Pi Overload: New Raspberry Pi Products in the Maker Shed

Nwazet is one of our newest partners, and we couldn’t be happier to be able to offer some of their products. The amount of work they put into each product is really clear once you hold one in your hand and put it to use – they use high quality components, manufacture their products in the US, and bring serious electrical design skills to the table. The circuit boards and lasercut enclosures come in a gorgeous matte-black finish, too! Below are a few of the ten Nwazet products in the Shed that we’re very excited about:

Pi Media Center
Media Center 1
One of the best ways to get started with the Pi is to build a simple media center. Our own Michael Castor wrote a fantastic tutorial on how you can do it yourself, but if you’re not in the mood (or have limited Linux skills, like me), fear not – this kit comes with all the extra bits you need to get it running. I was watching YouTube and Netflix shows (using Airplay from my iPad) within minutes. This kit comes with an IR Receiver and Remote for the Pi as well, so you can set it up and get back to the couch!

Pecan Pi Relays
Pecan Pi Relays
This board features six normally-open relays for use with your Pi, each capable of switching 12A @ 250VAC. These will come in handy when your project requires switching high-current devices, like lights, on and off with the Pi. Since the Raspberry Pi itself can’t supply the power required by the relays, we recommend you pick up the Pi Power Supply as well. It’s specifically designed to keep your board happy with stable power; just plug in a standard 9V power supply, like this.

Pi Camera Box Bundle
Camera Box 1
If you’ve already picked up the Raspberry Pi Camera but have yet to develop a secure mounting system for it, this Box Bundle is for you. Not only does it come with an enclosure and wall mount for stealthy camera projects, but a fisheye lenses as well. This gives you the ability to view photos from your Pi Camera at extremely wide angles. Nwazet has tutorials on how to view those photos from any web browser on their product page – cool!

Pi IR Receiver with Remote
Pi remote
Although you’ll have to plug in a USB Keyboard for your initial setup, you can set up the Pi to recognize this remote after that, and never have to use the keyboard again. And it has plenty of buttons, so you can configure each to perform a different action through your Pi. Handy!

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