Remote file access through email


Shantanu Goel put a proof-of-concept Outlook macro together that will send you files in response to a specially formatted email. The idea is that you can activate this and leave Outlook running on your computer at work and if you are offsite and need to grab a document it’s only an email away.

This project came into being after reading this post at lifehacker (original post and solution here). It listed a method to retrieve mails on your home/office PC by sending a “magic email” to it, but it was only for mac’s. Seeing that people wanted it for windows as well, I thought of making something up during lunch time at office.

If you think about it, this is kind of a clever way to get around a corporate firewall. It’d be funny to add some directory listing functionality to it and formalize an email file transfer protocol.

Remote File Access Through E-Mail –Link

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