Revenge by gadget


WSJ on the effort to combat some of the annoying things out there about technology (my FM hack was in there)… –

Attention loud cellphone talkers, overzealous horn honkers, inconsiderate cab drivers and other everyday pests. Your days may be numbered.

Thanks to the falling cost of microcontroller chips and the lure of easy online sales, inventors are turning out record numbers of gadgets. One growing subset of these inventions: products that help people neutralize antisocial behavior at the push of a button.

Revenge by gadget – Link.

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14 thoughts on “Revenge by gadget

  1. dj_nme says:

    The video does not play.
    I have a high-speed ‘net connection, so the progress bar zooms across to show that the video has been downloaded, but when I press “play” all I get is the logo of the Wall Street Journal and then nothing.
    The progress bar has only moved a fraction across and has then frozen.

    It looks rather ameturish and I expect better.

  2. Nohbudy says:

    >> The video does not play.
    It works for me, although the problem you discribe is one that I face with other video media hosts (like LiveLeak) from time to time.
    Best that i can say, is to either reload the cache for the video, or re-install flash, or use a diffrent browser. Whatever one works best for you.

  3. ballooney says:

    The video player claims my connection speed isn’t fast enough and refuses to load anything. Sure it’s not a particularly high speed broadband (I live out in the styx) but it’s broadband none the less. Never had this problem with other video players.

  4. kryten007 says:

    The video played just fine for me, though it didn’t have anything to do with cellphones, cabbies, or horns. It was about the no-contact jacket and some pretty lady’s machine that stabs you when you use too much electricity. Cool, but…

  5. mastershake916 says:

    The no contact jacket in daily use:
    Great job on that project *pat* *shock* OH HELL THAT JACKET ZAPPED THE SHIT OUT OF ME.

    Sorry, forgot to turn it off.

  6. Nohbudy says:

    >> cell phone jammers
    You can make your own :-)

    And for the no contact jacket, here is a slightly similar device you can make. With the possibility of stopping your heart.

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