Beer Launching Refrigerator


John demonstates the potential for robots to improve humanity via parabolic beverage delivery. He writes:

Have you ever gotten up off the couch to get a beer for the umpteenth time and thought, “What if instead of ME going to get the BEER, the BEER came to ME???” Well, that was how I first conceived of the beer launching fridge. About 3 months and several hundred dollars later I have a fully automated, remote controlled, catapulting, man-pit approved, beer launching mini-fridge. It holds 10 beers in its magazine with 14 more in reserve to store a full case. It is controlled by a keyless entry system. Pressing unlock will start the catapult rotating and when it is aiming at your target, pressing unlock again will stop it. Then the lock button can be pressed to launch a beer in the selected direction.

Robotic beer launching refrigerator – [via] Link.

4 thoughts on “Beer Launching Refrigerator

  1. cyrano_de_bergerac says:

    This made it on NPR. I heard it on Morning edition two days ago.

  2. kaos.rox says:

    I thought it was supposed to launch beer? I saw some LITE thing being launched, that can’t a good thing. And I didn’t seem him open it after it had been launched. I think I would let it sit for a while.

    I remember in my frat we had something similar but it was made out of an old Pop machine. Basically it had a door that opened and a spring loaded launcher from behind the can. If you didn’t catch it, you could write that one off for a while.

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