How To Build A Knife Throwing Robot

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How To Build A Knife Throwing Robot

Have you ever wanted a hand-held knife launching robot that always hits it’s target? No? Well Quint Builds did and he (and his son) went through the exhausting process of designing it.

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This build is so much more complex than it looks at a glance. Take for example the “simple” task of holding a knife. How the heck would you do that? Keep in mind that you need the knife to spin and you need to let go at the end of a very fast travel. Quint’s solution was to use electromagnets. Now extrapolate that for every problem you can imagine, like imparting rotation, acceleration, and aiming.

As most complex projects go, even Quint’s solution of using magnets needed to be forgotten and re-engineered before the project was over. The final result can’t be denied though. This build is super impressive and the results are mesmerizing.

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