Maker Bundle #1: Parts for four bots

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Maker Bundle #1: Parts for four bots

The Maker Shed has put together the first in a series of parts collections, called Maker Bundles. Maker Bundle #1 combines all of the electronic components to make four of the beginner-to-intermediate robot projects we’ve covered in MAKE magazine. For $20 off the cost of buying the parts separately, you get all of the components you need to make the iconic Mousey the Junkbot, two fundamental BEAMbots, a Trimet solar “top” and a SolarRoller, and Jerome Demers’s awesome BeetleBot, a robot that uses only switches to create obstacle-avoiding behavior. My article on how to build Mousey can be found in MAKE Volume 02. I covered the basics of BEAM and how to build the Trimet and SolaRoller in MAKE Volume 06. Jerome’s BeetleBot article can be found in MAKE Volume 12. You can also get my three project articles in The Best of MAKE collection.

Note that the parts bundles only include the electronic components. You’ll need the back issues (or The Best of MAKE) for the build instructions and you’ll need to scrounge a few mechanical/structural components, such as a dead computer mouse and some structural material for the SolarRoller and BeetleBot. All of what you need is easily found.

In the Maker Shed:


Maker Bundle #1
Our Price: $55.00
Availability: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days
We’ve had several neat projects over the years, and we’re proud that Solarbotics has created a cool bundle kit to provide parts for completing them. In this great bundle you’ll find what you need to build the Mousey (Make Issue #02), Trimet (Issue #06), SolarRoller (Issue #06), and Beetlebot (#12). Get this bundle and save over $20 compared to buying these kits separately.

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