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R/C tank

Rc Tank
Rc Tank Int

5volt made a sweet little radio-controlled tank using an ATtiny24 –

This is the model R/C tank I am designing on a gearbox + Tracks & wheels from Tamiya. The radio is Hitec and two receiver servo outputs feed the microcontroller-based Pulse Position Modulation output to Pulse Width Modulation converter.

My Radio Controlled Tank

R/C Tank on Flickr

Steam Tank Crop
R/C Steam turbine tank

Rc Tank Combat Crop
R/C Tank combat

In the Maker Shed:
Solarbotics Gearmotor GM_2

4 thoughts on “R/C tank

  1. Brett123 says:

    A nice design i really like it and i am really impressed with your design and modulation of rc tank.RC tanks are the best and it is always a fun playing with them.Hope you can succeed in your efforts.
    Best of luck.

  2. Niel says:

    That’s a nice and easy design. RC tanks are great for fun but building them is even better.

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