Robot trophies

Robot trophies


If you’ve got some extra I-Cybies lying around (and who doesn’t?), then by all means consider this one for a remake –

Each robot has its own internal program which reacts with its outside environment thanks to its infrared sensor place on its chest. Thus they can detect the presence of one or more persons, but also their movements.

When a viewer is in front of this collection of robot species, the trophies are inactive. Their eyes are turned off, their head held high are still. But when a viewer approaches, the robots start to react. They turn their heads in his direction, their eyes light up, their mouths half-open they start growling.

The robots are able to eye the nearby person and turn their head in his direction. If we come closer the robot suddenly starts to growl and then it becomes more and more aggressive if we are too close.

When a person will walk fast facing this wall of trophies, a chain reaction will emerge such as a wave of protestation following his walk. The robots will remain calm when the room will be quiet or when people will stop moving.

Depending on the public activity the robots will be more or less active and aggressive because it is the point, showing their anger because they have been tracked, chased, killed cut up and exhibited as decorative icons.

No animals were harmed in the making of this project – but we’re pretty sure some robots were. – Link


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