Titan The Robot


The video speaks volumes:

I don’t know about you, but I think the intimidation factor definitely makes these a lot cooler.

More in the gallery at the manufacturer’s site. None appear to be deploying weaponry… yet!

[via The Robot Group]

28 thoughts on “Titan The Robot

  1. Crutcher says:

    The robot is very well covered. The legs, arms, and body are contiguous. There’s plenty of space in them for a person.

    I think this is just a suit, with some wire-driven props (the head, the hands).

  2. Slingshotkid says:

    Sher there is no particular reason for them to be fake, but in the intermission part of the video they were out of sync(arms move differently and they step with different feet).

  3. bartax says:

    it seems like the product of that company is a robot show and not an actual robot. The articulation of the head and sound is somewhat robotic but definitely a guy in a suit.

  4. carpespasm says:

    Those are some amazingly well done suits. Looks like they must have a head movement sensor for the actor, and it appears like there is a motion sensor in the legs and possibly the arms that makes an air impact wrench noise and says “Danger!” every so often when they move around. It looks like they have pretty much full dexterity over the fingers, and maybe some control over the sound bites played, though it looks like it mainly follows a set coriagraphed routine. I’d imagine the mouth is also synced with the audio rather than based on “speech” sound levels since it doesn’t look like the actor says anything themselves through a voice modulator live. Pretty awesome how they pulled it all together so cleanly though.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, that shiny chest plate on the “robots” looks a little too much like a half-mirrored astronaut helmet. The bots also keep their elbows pinned to their sides, where you can barely see a human arm reaching inside. Everything from the elbow up to the shoulder is just a shell to complete the look, and not mobile.

    It does look very nice, though. It fooled me for a minute, but I’ve seen enough Exo-Squad to be familiar with their kinesthetics.

  6. Collin Cunningham says:

    SO HOT – i finally know what to be for halloween!

  7. Akira Norimaki says:

    The Cybermen are here! XD

  8. SKR says:

    If those were real robots, they would have a Defense Department contract. They certainly wouldn’t be pimping themselves out at county fairs.

    They are good suits though.

  9. Elepski says:

    I am sure no one REALLY thought for a second there where really robots.. I hope :/

    And their flash website template is the same as my MySpace account.. thats funny


  10. Haydn says:

    I saw the show in Cardiff with only one “Robot” last year. Our council is pretty good at getting us free entertainment. They do interact with the audience, which is something that only a guy in a suit could do, but so what, its still fun.

  11. jade says:

    i saw titan yesterday he is not a man in a suit i was about 10cm away he is so cool

  12. Swayze says:

    I have been looking into this robot. Not because I ever believed he was in any way a robot, but because I believe its a very clever costume/act. The company is smart about the “Brand” in that I believe they have spent a significant amount of their profits on creating the image of Titan being a robot. The YouTubes of the “Prototype being a walking robot, and the other one where the upper body shows anamatronic arms are all clever investments in the image in my opinion. Its a great idea.
    But in the end I’m fairly confident that simple linkage for the finger movement is far lighter than servo’s. The Head I think may be the only thing that is a servo based anamatronic element. I think within the forarms, there are a series of ergonomically positioned buttons that offer a bit of variety in the show but mostly there is a preprogramed skit that they occasionally pause for, hot keys like “Lady in red” song or what ever else would be appropriate for the illusion of interaction.

  13. aaron pedrick says:

    ok ok right for alll you out there i think he is reall look at the usa and japan if they can build a fully real and working robot so can any one else all you need is the right skills and no how am i right on that one guys yes or no ? if yo ugot them skills you no how to build any thing right ?

  14. David says:

    You guys are so funny have you not heard of a thing called the Internet? A quick search will give you an answer. Wikipedia for starters sorry all you believers its a guy in a suit.

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