Run Linux apps in Windows with andLinux



andLinux is a Ubuntu distribution that used the coLinux kernel, a Windows port of the Linux kernel which allows andLinux to run natively inside Windows without any virtualization software. After downloading, you basically just run the install Wizard. When your machine reboots, an extra taskbar icon will be waiting for you to launch and install pretty much any standard Linux application.

The coLinux kernel can be launched as a service and it runs in the background with a dedicated amount of RAM allotted to it. During the install, you create a folder to house the andLinux Ubuntu installation’s root directory. If you need to access the full C drive from Linux applications, it’s just a quick entry in the /etc/fstab.

When you’ve got everything running, the end result is really seamless. The Linux applications each run in a standard window, just like your Windows apps. There’s no switching between operating system windows. Xterm, Konquerer, Amarok, whatever—It basically just works.

The installation is pretty simple, and there’s also a nice tutorial at Tinkernut that runs you through the installer and shows you how to use Synaptec to easily install other Linux applications. If you’re primarily a Windows user, but you miss all the great open source apps and command line tools that are available in Linux, this is worth the 700MB download.

andLinux – Link
Using andLinux (video) – Link

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