Second Life on an Apple II



InexorableTash wrote an Apple II program in assembly that receives streaming video from a Windows PC over a 115kbps serial connection. Why? So his nautilus avatar could wander about in Second Life on hardware:

For another fun example of new software on the Apple II, check out this video of a Wolfenstein-like game called “Escape from the Homebrew Computer Club 3D”. In this game, the Apple is doing all the work, no external PC needed:

Some people might say that this sort of stuff has no real practical purpose, but it seems to me it’s an important tribute to personal computing history. It puts the last 30 years of technology in perspective.

I can’t help but wonder about what we’ve got in store for ourselves in the next 30.

Second Life on an Apple II [via BoingBoing]
Escape from the Homebrew Computer Club 3D

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