SPDT switch wiring explained

SPDT switch wiring explained

Toggleswitch Diagram

Learning the ropes with electronics hardware can be full of little ‘gotchas’ – but don’t be discouraged! Steve writes –

One of the most common pieces of circuit bending hardware is the single-position-dual-throw (SPDT) switch. I recently ran into a wiring problem and made an illustrated post on how I figured out the solution and some guesses as to why I came to the solution i did. Hopefully it could save some people the hassle of having to rewire their project up like i did.

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4 thoughts on “SPDT switch wiring explained

  1. meh says:

    OR, one could learn how to read the universal language of electronics: the schematic diagram. THEN, one could compare their design, which was drafted using standard symbols for SPDT switches, to the DATA SHEET for Miyama mini toggle switches. Generally manufacturers will GIVE YOU all the info you need to successfully implement a design. Simple things like numbering the switch terminals on a photo or line drawing, and then identifying them by number on a schematic representation of the switch is common.

    Learn to read/write schematics. It’s not a waste of time, unless all you care about is making LEDs blink.

  2. Collin Cunningham says:

    patience dear meh, patience.
    People who haven’t been formally trained in electronics often find it helpful to ‘shoot from the hip’ at first – relating their own preconceptions/instincts to what can seem an intimidating and uninviting new field of study.

    Learning some of the initial basics by trial & error can be more satisfying and mnemonically reinforcing than simply following instructions via manual/schematic.
    (and it was a lot of fun too ;)

    That being said – learning to write to an spi dac without its relevant datasheet would likely suck bad.

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