The Affectionator Lets Your Dog Pet You

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The Affectionator Lets Your Dog Pet You

Over the years my dog T-Bone has spent hundreds of hours by my side while I have built all of my crazy machines and posted them on YouTube. This time I wanted T-Bone to star in his own video.

These days people are more connected with each other, however we are experiencing fewer physical interactions. This device will allow you to provide affection either locally or remotely to your pet without any physical contact. If your pet decides you are also worthy of their affection they can also reciprocate with a pat on the head and a tasty treat.

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One day while giving my dog T-Bone a scratch behind the ears I came up with this silly idea. A robot which gives you a pet on the head and feeds you a treat. With IOT you can also build two of these and network them across the internet.

James Cochrane

My name is James Cochrane, Toronto, Canada (aka BD594) and I am a network engineer working in the financial industry.

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