This Gameboy Runs on Nuclear Power

This Gameboy Runs on Nuclear Power

Hi folks, Ian Charnas here — engineering YouTuber and makerspace founder. I noticed no one has ever made a nuclear-powered portable video game system, and I decided to fix that. My “Nuclear Powered Gameboy” uses Tritium tubes as the energy source, which produces a mere 1.5 microwatts of power (that’s 1.5 millionths of a watt).

I made a circuit that stores this energy in some thin-film solid state batteries until there is enough saved up to play a game. Charging the device for 2 months will net about 1 hour of nuclear-powered playtime. Watch my video to see it in action, and learn how I built this unusual device. Plus you can enjoy my oddball humor!

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(You can also win this one of a kind nuclear-powered video game system! I’m raffling off the device to benefit a children’s charity.)

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Engineering YouTuber and makerspace founder.

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