Time lapse movies using a graphing caclulator



If you want to shoot time lapse movies with your DSLR, you need an intervalometer, a simple device which sends a signal to your camera to trigger the shutter at a timed interval. You can buy one for around $100, or you can write a few lines of basic and have your trusty TI calculator take timed photos for you, resulting in nifty movies like this:

Yonderknight has an Instructable for doing exactly this with a standard TI 83. You can connect a Canon EOS Rebel to the calculator with the standard 2.5mm data link socket, and the software just sends a 1 down the line once a second. Matt Coneybeare tool this a step further with his code for the TI-89, allowing the user to specify a duration and interval period.

Both howtos walk you through the whole process, including a couple of recommendations for importing and converting the image frames into a video. It should be pretty straightforward to adapt either of these methods to your specific TI platform and video needs.

Turn a TI-83 into an intervalometer
Time-lapse code for the TI-89

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