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Twilight trounced – don’t update your Wii until further notice


Nintendo’s latest Wii update added a new feature that deletes any doctored Twilight-hack savegames that you have on your Wii. Seriously, Nintendo?

The Wii homebrew channel will still work, though you would need to install the channel before updating (since it requires the Twilight hack during its install process). For Wii homebrewers, the current recommendation would be to hold off on updating until a replacement hack method is made available.

The update contains a very specific addition that prevents this exact hack, so it sets up a bit of an arms race scenario. Someone will soon release a new variation of the hack that will bypass this security check and presumably Nintendo will fire back with another update. It’s kind of a bummer, but it’s pretty interesting to watch the dissection of this latest obstacle. Wii hackers at their best:

Okay, now this is just silly. Three functions have been added to the system menu. Guess what they do:

ipl::utility::ESMisc::DeleteSavedata((unsigned long long, EGG::Heap*))
ipl::utility::ESMisc::VerifySavedataZD((unsigned long long, EGG::Heap*))

We Are Not Impressed.

You can follow the progress over at My guess is that a new homebrew method will be available in the next few days.

June 16 Wii update –

4 thoughts on “Twilight trounced – don’t update your Wii until further notice

  1. Math Campbell says:

    Whilst it’s noted in the summary there to “watch where you point the thing”, it’s not stated in the video, so in case someone is a) stupid, b) didn’t read the summary and c) unlucky, I’ll say it here too:

    Also, be careful when pointing it around, since if you hit a mirror and you’re unlucky, bye-bye vision.

    In short, remember the old physicists caution: “DON’T LOOK AT THE LASER WITH YOUR ONE REMAINING EYE!”

    Cool mod though. But be careful children; one millisecond of exposure, even through your closed eyelid, will be enough to blind you, permanently.

  2. Madam Curie says:

    This is about as dumb as it gets. Think of all the future bright geniuses that will end up blinded by their peers (also twits).

    Imagine driving along the freeway when twits zap you ‘accidentally’, or when you’re practicing touch & go’s at the airport

    Next, show me how to make a silencer for my .22 so I can eliminate a laser twit.

  3. dudelyduderson says:

    Twits HA! That rules.

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