Glasses allow for color customization

Glasses allow for color customization

Potugal based designer Luis Porem has created the “RBG Glasses” which have an internal channel in their frame for colored liquid to be poured. This gives the glasses a custom color depending on your mood for the day.

via DesignSpotter

12 thoughts on “Glasses allow for color customization

  1. Sandra Rosa says:

    Portugal based (or portuguese) designer Luís Porém.

  2. fx says:

    I could see the glasses breaking and immediately make you into a zombie

  3. justin says:

    I’d do the exact opposite: Leave the frames alone, color the lenses to make variable sunglasses.

  4. maushammer says:

    No, they need to fill this with lava lamp material !!

  5. failrate says:

    of course

  6. orangesrhyme says:

    Pepsi glasses for the win.

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