Maker Spotlight: Chunlin Guan (Dolphin Guan)

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Maker Spotlight: Chunlin Guan (Dolphin Guan)

Name: Chunlin Guan (Dolphin Guan)
Home: Shenzhen China
Day job: I’m an application Engineer who can use the electronic modules to make what I want in makeblock.


How did you get started making?

I stared making when I was a middle school student. I’d love to make gift for my friend by myself. I started to know MAKER world in 2015. It was what I made in 2015. I named it Crazy Caterpillar. You can check how to make it step by step on instructables.

What type of maker would you classify yourself as?

In my opinion, I’m a female maker who like smart cute things and electronic fashion things. I want to show some cute and fashion stuff here.

You can find Chunlin on Maker Share

The first one is Demon Bunny. It’s actually a cute rabbit. All you have to do is just rub its sides and it will be so happy that it will dance and twirl around its ears. The second one is Cell Phone Robot Demon who loves to stick around with humans! Wherever you go, it will walk in its peculiar way and follow you. (If you want to know how to make them step by step, you can click here)

The view of butterfly’s back is what my favorite project and I will talk about it later. The last one is a skirt which can move and light like jellyfish.

What was your favorite thing that you’ve made?

My favorite thing I have made is a smart skirt which have beautiful light and moving flowers. It’s my first wearable skirt.

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It is a blend of Chinese and Western culture wedding dress. We named it The Frozen Fire, the implication is to freeze this moment of happiness–forever. The wings implicate the happiness and wonder, the girls who live in happiness can dance like a butterfly. We use a lot of Frozen Blue and Chinese Red to describe ice and fire, and traditional manual process — paper-cut for flowers on the street, an allegorical representation of the spring of life. Now, our skirts are showing all over the world in about 25 cities with makefashion.

It’s a hackathon project, we made it with makefashion team together.

What is something you’d like to make next?

Some fashion things that can help girls love tech. Girls are very different from boys. Most of the little boys like robot and most of the little girls are interested in fashion things. When we started STEAM education, we often think about it. If we made more fashion stuff, we would help more girls love tech and skill. Girls have a lot of talent for inventing and they have different perspectives. If we let more girls be engineers, our world would be different.

Do you have advice to give to other makers?

Find what you like and make it happen. Everything would be changed if you paid attention to your favorite. Because, you will be a maker in this moment.

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