Tiny lighter cufflinks

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Tiny lighter cufflinks

These tiny cufflink lighters by Etsy seller YOUgNeek are sure to come in handy whenever you want to light something. I really like the idea of functional accoutrements- anyone selling a soldering iron version?

For occasions where it would not be appropriate to wear cufflinks, try the stove necklace instead.

[via technabob]

12 thoughts on “Tiny lighter cufflinks

  1. Stephen says:

    The soldering iron sounds too physically small to actually use. Some things need to be a certain size or they’re just toys. A lighter will still light things when it’s tiny but soldering irons need to be at least big enough to have a handle.

    1. Matt Mets says:

      Hmm, good point.

    2. Andy L says:

      I think the problem with a soldering iron is the power-source.

      If you HAD a power-supply and could make a soldering iron the size of these cufflinks, then you could build one into a ring, then you wouldn’t need a handle.

      A ring-for-a-handle isn’t ideal, of course, but with effort it could be used.

      1. Matt Mets says:

        Perhaps you could use a butane-powered soldering iron, I think the energy storage density of a fuel might be sufficient to fit this application.

  2. Simon says:

    I’d probably forget I was wearing them, try going through airport security and then who know what sort of hilarity would ensue!

    1. dan says:

      what hilarity?

      Like when you get home and realise that you were wearing them the whole time and neither you nor security noticed? ‘cos that’s what always (5-10 times?) happens with the leatherman micra I always forget’s attached to my keys, which I take out of my pocket and put through the xray machine in plain view.

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