Checkin’ In: Fashion Nerd Diana Eng

As you may have read in Natalie’s post yesterday, Diana Eng will be guest blogging on our site starting on Monday (yay!). So it seemed like a perfect time to check in with her on the newest happs in her crafty world. But first, let’s take a look at what Diana has contributed to the pages of CRAFT magazine.
Back in CRAFT Volume 01 (October 2006), we ran a feature on Diana, highlighting how many of her designs seamlessly blend her diverse loves of science, technology, and fashion design. Diana, along with fellow designer Emily Albinski, had put on a sizzling math-inspired runway show at the first Bay Area Maker Faire (April 2006) that featured such innovative designs as Diana’s Inflatable Dress, which changes shape as it inflates and deflates:
Then, in CRAFT Volume 03, Diana provided us with a how-to on making a Harajuku-inspired Japanese Punk Shirt:
As well as the adorable Origanimals how-to for folding dinner napkins into animal shapes:
These days, Diana’s big news is that she has a book that just came out called Fashion Geek, where she teaches you how to take your clothes and accessories and add high-tech flair to them. She’s got a great video demonstrating the DIY Shoes from Fashion Geek on her Fashion Nerd blog. Here’s the video:

Be sure to look for Diana guest blogging here on Craftzine starting next week and pick up back issues of CRAFT in the Maker Shed!