Flashback: Crocheted Bow Tie, Pantyhose Petals, and T-Shirt Wedding Dress

CRAFT: DIY Wedding
pantyhose petals.png
June is DIY Wedding month here on CRAFT, and we’ve posted a number of projects from previous issues of CRAFT magazine in the past. Here’s a roundup of 3 lovely wedding projects.
First up, from CRAFT Volume 06, learn how to create delicate nylon flowers to dress up a wedding gown, veil, or centerpiece (pictured above). Check out the Panyhose Petals tutorial from Mary Beth Klatt.
crocheted bow tie.png
Next, make sure the groom doesn’t get left out of the homemade wedding love with this classy crocheted bow tie tutorial by Linda Permann, from the pages of CRAFT Volume 10.
t-shirt wedding dress.png
And finally, learn how to use your favorite dress pattern to make a wedding dress out of white T-shirts. This project first appeared on the pages of CRAFT Volume 06, written by the mother/daughter crafting duo of Donna and Lauren Kroiz.
These three projects are great springboards for your creativity. They each provide solid instructions but leave plenty of room for creative customization. Make it yours!