Circuit Skills: Infrared Light Infrared light may be invisible to the human eye - but it's usefulness in the world of electronics is easy to see. IR emitters & detectors can be used in a variety of different ways - most of us use them for wireless communication everyday. Read more »

Circuit Skills: Fiber Optics Not all electronic signals are communicated via electricity. By transmitting information in the form of light, we can avoid many limitations inherent to traditional wiring. And on top of all that - fiber optics are just straight-up cool! Read more »

Circuit Skills: Electronics Enclosures

Every useful electronics project deserves a good enclosure. Providing a proper case for your circuit can protect it from accidental spills & falls - plus give it a cool look you can proudly show off to those unfamiliar with soldering and such. Follow along with Collin as he turns a... Read more »

Circuit Skills: Perfboard Prototyping When you think - "DIY electronics", one of the first images that likely comes to mind is a bunch of parts and wire soldered to a standard piece of perforated circuit board - and that makes sense. Perfboard is super-versatile - essentially it's just a grid of potential solder-point... Read more »

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