Food Makers: Aquaponics

17-year-old aquaponics innovator Pierre Beauchamp has been building systems since he was 13. In this episode of Food Makers he explains his interest in aquaponics and the system he designed for Del Oro High School in Auburn Calif. Read more »

Food Makers: Thanksgiving Tips

The day before Thanksgiving, MAKE senior editor Stett Holbrook checks in with food bloggers Lillie Auld of Butter Me Up Brooklyn and Julie Ruble of Willow Bird Baking who shared their pre-Thanksgiving tips. MAKE editorial director Gareth Branwyn also popped in to chat. Read more »

Food Makers: Modern Cuisine and Technology

In this episode of Food Makers we explore the frontiers of modern cuisine. Guest include Jeff Potter, author or "Cooking for Geeks;" Dave Arnold, head of the French Culinary Institute's culinary technology department; and Lisa Q. Fetterman, CEO of Nomiku, a home-use immersion circulator currently in production; and Wipop Bam... Read more »

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