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Horizon Hobby Chroma

By Matt Stultz / Apr 29, 2016

Horizon Hobby Chroma

The Chroma from Horizon Hobby is a great drone that won’t break the bank. While it may not have the name recognition of units from DJI or 3DR (outside the hobby aircraft world that is), this machine brings a lot to the table.

No Flight Delays

Out of the box, the Chroma has everything you need to get flying; no extra smartphone or tablet is needed. The included remote has a built-in touchscreen interface, saving the user from needing to connect an external device to access advanced functions. The built-in 4K camera and gimbal provide smooth, high-quality video and a first-person video feed back to the controller.

Flying the Chroma is a breeze, and while it may not be the zippiest (even with its oversized brushless motors), it’s extremely stable and effortless. If there is one downside to the Chroma’s performance, it would be the range of the transmitter. While we were able to fly other drones in this class out to nearly a mile away without signal loss, the Chroma lost communication less than 800 feet from the transmitter.


If you are looking to start flying on a budget but still want excellent video capabilities, the Chroma is a great pick.

Price as Tested:$800
Includes:Drone, transmitter, extra props, battery, charger, toolkit, screen guard
Range:800 feet
Battery Life:17 minutes
Drone Size:18" diagonal (without propellers)
Controller Type:Standalone with built-in touchscreen
Carrying Case Included:No
Camera Type:Built in
Camera Resolution:4K

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Why To Buy

The Chroma might not be top-of-the-line but it’s a great aircraft for those looking to get into the hobby.

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Pro Tips

The charging time on the Chroma’s batteries is pretty substantial. Buy extra batteries to help keep your drone in the air and reduce wait time between flights.


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