The ideaPrinter F100 is an inexpensive, large-format 3D printer that’s easy to use. It’s open enough to allow tinkering, either with the native software options, or by using another open program to create the G-code.


The printer was able to print all of our test models with moderate success, however each piece had extra threads and artifacts, or bits of PLA that extruded while traveling, which attached to the outer shell.

All settings were prefilled in the ideaMaker software, and it had many more features than anticipated. The included default template settings of High Quality, Standard, and Speed all had the same 0.1mm layer height, with different infill speeds and densities.

The bed leveling procedure is intuitive, and quickly accessed through the onboard menu, which also includes a filament-loading step. After the initial setup and assembly, we discovered we couldn’t tighten down one of the metal posts for leveling the build plate enough to give the nozzle clearance over the build plate. Luckily, with sheer force and a pair of pliers we were able to get it level and start printing.


The combination of high resolution, fast print speeds, and large build volume makes it a solid contender for rapidly prototyping large parts.