Project Steps

Parts A, C, and E are cut of 1⁄4″-thick wood, while parts B and D are 3⁄4″ thick. Cut all 5 pieces to 31⁄2″×31⁄2″.

Holes have to be drilled in all pieces except part E. »For part A, cut a large hole in the center, anywhere from 17⁄8″ to 2″ in diameter, depending on the size of the domed half of your capsule. Then drill 4 countersink holes about 1⁄2″ in from each corner, for the wood screws.

For parts B and C, cut a 21⁄8″- diameter hole in each center. These holes will house the bottom part of the capsule. For part D, drill a 3⁄8″-diameter hole in the center, which provides a guide for the spring.

Nail together parts B through E with the finishing nails, avoiding the corners where the screws will go. After this bottom block is assembled, insert the spring. Place a die into the capsule, snap it, and lower it into the wood block. Part A will cap everything. It requires a slight push to keep it in place as you screw in the wood screws.

After that, you’re ready to go. Good luck!