Using your own microcontroller to run a Mindstorms robot has never been easier. This project shows you how to build and run a basic Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot using an Arduino Uno R3 and a Bricktronics Shield from Wayne and Layne. The bricks used to build the robot all come from the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Home Edition and you can get the rest of the parts from the Maker Shed and Wayne and Layne’s store. It’s a fun, easy, and educational way to level up your Lego skills!

You can also substitute an old-school NXT set if you desire, or use individual parts. This is what you’ll need:

2x data wires
2x tank treads
4x rims
2x motors
2x 15M beams
2x 7M beams
2x 3M beams
1x 2M beam with cross hole
2x 7M cross axles
2x 6M cross axles
2x 3M cross blocks
3x 3M beams with snaps
2 5×7 beam frames
2 5×11 beam frames
6x bushings
4x half bushings
21x connector pegs
15x cross connector pegs
2x 3M pegs
2x 3M beams