These simple feet attach to OSE legs to keep a variety of machines stable.…

Project Steps

You will need 14 Leg Holders for the CEB. 12 will be used in this step. Save the remaining ones for later. Make all leg holders at once to save time.

Torch a 3/4” hole in the center of one of the faces of the tubing; make sure it’s large enough for a 3/4” bolt.

It’s not crucial that the hole be centered. It just needs to be somewhere close to the center.

Weld the nut over the hole, ensuring the nut is level, and the hole is clear.

Make sure no spatter goes into the threads by covering the top of the nut.

Thread the bolt onto the nut.

Weld the foot.

Center the leg holder on the plate, ensuring it is square in all directions.

Weld it 100% to the plate.