Project Steps

Select a plastic storage tub in the size that will best suit your needs. These plastic storage tubs range in size from small enough for a small dog or cat to large enough for most breeds of dogs.

Turn the storage tub upside down. With a marker, draw a door on the end of the tub. You can cut a template out of a newspaper to make it neater, then trace around it. Don’t cut all the way through the rim that the lid snaps on; make your door bottom about an inch or two above it so it will be sturdier.

Using a razor knife, score the lines you made for the door a couple of times, and cut it out.

If you would like to add a curtain door, use a piece of heavy plastic or a piece of vinyl table cloth. Cut it out large enough to cover the door and leave it a couple of inches longer. Then take a piece of slender wood, like a ruler, part of a yardstick, or paint stirring paddles, and drill 3 holes above the door. Drill corresponding holes in your ruler. Place the ruler on the inside of the dog house with the plastic between the dog house and the wood strip. Bolt this down and you have your door.

If you would like to add a heat source, drill a hole in the back of the dog house large enough for the plug to fit through. You can add a heat pad. Just be sure if you use an electric heat pad that your dog isn’t in a puppy stage where he might chew it up and get shocked.

Snap the lid back on the bottom. You can add drain holes to the lid if you think you need them. Add some bedding and you are done. Now your dog has a nice dry dog house to seek shelter in.


An inexpensive way to protect your dog or cat.