Krylon chalkboard paint can help you upcycle all kinds of bad thrift store art into custom signs. Creating unique signs is a great way to personalize your wedding venue, and also give guests the information they need to find your ceremony! Details like this can be costly, but if you do-it-yourself, every penny you save can go towards the honeymoon fund!

This simple project also uses Krylon paint to unify mismatched frames into a colorful statement for your wedding. Pick your favorite from over 60 colors, and afterwards, bring the chalkboard into your home and use it for jotting down love notes or doodles. The paint is durable enough that they will function beautifully long after the honeymoon is over.

Project Steps

Gather all your materials and lay down paper or a drop cloth to protect your workspace.

Use pliers to remove the art from the frames.

Use the sanding block to sand the frames.

Rattle the paint can for at least 2 minutes to mix the paint well. Hold the can about 12 inches from the frame and paint. Keep the can moving and use smooth, even strokes. To get the best coverage apply at least two thin coats of paint. Let the paint dry for 10 minutes between coats, but apply them within an hour.

Shake the Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint very well, for at least 2 minutes after the rattle ball comes loose. Keep the can about 12″ away from the surface you are painting, and keep shaking the can as you work. Adding several thin coats is the best way to get perfect coverage and a perfect finish.

Give the chalkboard paint a full 24 hours to dry and cure. After it is completely dry, prime the surface by dragging the long edge of piece of chalk along the board to scuff it up. Then, erase those markings with a piece of paper towel.

Use the chalkboard signs to guide guests to the ceremony, share the menu, or just for adorable love notes!