Just peel and stick LEDs, sensors, and even microcontrollers, to make instant circuits.

Circuit stickers from Chibitronics are the simplest and most elegantly designed kit for kids i’ve seen in a while. As someone who has tested similar kits (and has had experience with circuitry in general), I can say that this kit is worthwhile.

The included Circuit Sticker Sketchbook is a quaint yet innovative way to walk you through the learning process. The instructions are an experience in themselves: you start off with a simple circuit of an LED and a battery, and you end up with the ability to use multiple components, including sound and light sensors and even a microcontroller sticker! If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to step into circuit building, this is definitely the way to go.


I put together this fun and simple array of LEDs using basic circuitry and a little creativity. All you need is copper tape, LED stickers, and a 3V coin cell battery from a Chibitronics kit, plus paper, scissors, and a pen.