Just peel and stick LEDs, sensors, and even microcontrollers, to make instant circuits.

Circuit stickers from Chibitronics are the simplest and most elegantly designed kit for kids i’ve seen in a while. As someone who has tested similar kits (and has had experience with circuitry in general), I can say that this kit is worthwhile.

The included Circuit Sticker Sketchbook is a quaint yet innovative way to walk you through the learning process. The instructions are an experience in themselves: you start off with a simple circuit of an LED and a battery, and you end up with the ability to use multiple components, including sound and light sensors and even a microcontroller sticker! If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to step into circuit building, this is definitely the way to go.


I put together this fun and simple array of LEDs using basic circuitry and a little creativity. All you need is copper tape, LED stickers, and a 3V coin cell battery from a Chibitronics kit, plus paper, scissors, and a pen.


Project Steps

Sketch your circuit.

After making some easy sample circuits in the Sketchbook, I sketched out a basic wiring diagram for 4 LEDs, and then copied that 6 times in an array.

Stick your stickers.

I placed the stickers and battery on my base layer and connected them with the copper tape. Then I added a top layer to “close the switch” — to connect the negative side of the circuit to the negative side of the battery.


I added a paper layer in between to reduce the risk of shorting the battery, and drew some designs on it for fun.


Press the top layer so that the contacts are connected, and you’ll see the design come to life.